Turning Point Dance Studio

Medford, Oregon's most innovative dance center.
1221 Court Street, Medford, Oregon  Phone Number (541)326-1855

The New Studio “Studio A” is located at 1221 Court Street right next to Rodda Paint. There is ample space in the parking lot located in the rear of the building.

Our newest studio provides our dancers almost 2000 square feet of dance space. To ensure an amazing and safe dance experience this studio has a parent viewing area as well as a custom floating dance floor! 

Our receptionist and office manager will be located in studio A. If you would like to pay your bill, purchase water/dance attire, or have questions about classes, Studio A is where you want to be.  Also, if you arrive more than 5 minutes early to your class in Studio B we ask that you remain in Studio A, so the class that is finishing up has as few distractions as possible.  

Because Studio A’s main dance floor is at the entrance off Court Street, you can only enter the Studio A location though the parking lot. The floating floors and the overlay are built for dancing, and street shoes can bring in debris that are harmful to our dancers.  Because of this, we ask that if students who are taking class in Studio A need to be dropped off or picked up it is at the main entrance to ensure the safety of all our dancers. Students and parents will not be permitted to enter through the door located on Court Street. PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF YOUR STUDIO A DANCER ON COURT STREET IF THEY ARE TAKING CLASSES IN STUDIO A.  We cannot assume responsibility for students that are not inside our facility. 


There is a lovely lobby, and parent viewing area inside Studio A. Feel free to come and watch your dancer explore movement and learn the visual art of dance in the comfort of our amazing facility.  There also will be a live feed from Studio B, so if you have a little one that might be a distraction, or would like to hold a conversation during your child's Studio B class, this is the perfect area to watch while providing your child with the best learning environment we can offer!

Because the dance floor becomes dangerous to dancers when it becomes dirty or sticky there will be NO food or drinks (apart from water) allowed inside either studio.  If your child needs a snack they may keep it in the dressing room or eat it in the lobby.  Please be respectful and clean up any spilled drinks and snacks as soon as it happens.  Our staff goes to great lengths to ensure you have a clean and safe studio, please help us continue to do so!

*Because we do not have water fountains it is strongly suggested your dancer bring their own water bottles. Water is also for sale in Studio A for $1 a bottle.

STUDIO B: is located at 1229 Court Street.

This is where our humble little studio started.  Studio B offers an intimate learning environment for students.  Studio B also offers some unique challenges because of the tight setting, so we would appreciate it if you read all of our new requests to help us provide the best dance education we can for your child!

If your student only has classes in Studio B you will still want to pay your bill and ask administrative questions to our office staff located in Studio A.

  • Because when you enter Studio B you are basically on the dance floor and in class with the students, we ask that your student does not arrive at this location any more than 5 minutes prior to class. Your student is expected to enter respectfully and quietly while other students are finishing their class. If your student must be dropped off early, they must wait in Studio A until someone is able to walk them over to Studio B.

  • While one class ends and another prepares to begin there is often an overlap of parents and students.  We ask as you enter the building (NO MORE THAN 5 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR CLASS STARTS) you head straight to the parent viewing area. No bags or personal items are to be left in our walk ways.  There is shelving and hangers provided where dancers can keep their personal items.

  • We love that parents are able to basically be in class with their student in this location. It provides parents the opportunity to see their dancer's improvement and be an active part of their child's dance education. However, please make sure you are not a distraction to class. We politely ask that you take any conversations and phone calls outside.

  • There is a “half wall” that we will be asking parents and spectators to remain behind during class times.  Sitting in the walkway is not only distracting but is also a fire and tripping hazard.

  • Any conversation, sibling play or parent corrections are extremely disruptive to class.  Dancers are being asked to concentrate on everything from pointing their toes to the direction they are looking. Having to worry about siblings throwing toys onto the dance floor or running on the mat during a tumbling pass is not only disruptive to our dancers, but also dangerous.

  • We understand that getting siblings childcare is not always an option while your dancer is taking class so we do provide a live feed from Studio B into Studio A.  This way you may still watch class without the worry of being a disruption. This is also a great option if you wish to chat and catch up with other parents during class.  Studio B is not an appropriate place to take phone calls, have toddler spectators or hold conversations. You will be asked to leave Studio B if you do not adhere to these instructions.

We are a family here at Turning Point, and we understand that some of these changes in Studio B are going to be hard to get used to, but please know it is for the health and safety of your dancer. I am sure you will also find your dancer will progress more quickly without the distractions that were unavoidable with only one small studio.

Other Studio Guidelines and Expectations:

*Because we do not have water fountains it is strongly suggested your dancer bring their own water bottles. Water is also for sale in Studio A for $1 a bottle. Because of the amount of waste it produced the studio will no longer offer paper cups.

*Because many of our instructors have classes that are back to back, if you have a question you feel only your child's instructor can answer, the best way to ask is by email.